His love changes everything.....

Picture this………..

A dark room, no intruding lights, yet your body takes centre stage.

It’s you alone with your thoughts as they pivot across the floor of your mind.

And as you sit there, you are unable to fathom where you go from here.

You remember where you came from, what you’ve been through, yet hope seems so far from your grasp,....

....pain is an ever-present memory and sin has you at your neck.

My brothers and sisters, I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. If my opening has frightened you, I reassure you that there is no reason to fear. I simply painted an image that described my last few moments before accepting Christ into my life.

F.Y.I - The greatest decision that I have ever made.

And so as I open this blog, to remind you or inform you that the love of the Lord changes everything; I ask that you tend your eye to one thing.

In my time of despair, quite evidently, I didn’t know the Lord.

I had been through the circus and semantics of religion.

But I didn’t know God really………

I had so many ideas of what/who He was, although simultaneously I didn’t care.

However, who the world had illustrated God to be to me varied completely to the God I experienced that night. I may not have known God really but He knew me.

“The love of the Lord changes everything”

In part, I was able to comprehend (with all the saints) what is the width and length and depth and height – I found the love of Christ which passes knowledge; and was filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:18-19) and boy was I filled.

“But He knew me”

My situation had not yet changed and I wouldn’t have called myself a saint but something inside of me had changed.

He gave me hope and my strength was renewed (Isaiah 40:31).

He carried me and so I knew I could get through.

I was utterly broken but in accepting Him, did I find out He was the truth.

As I sat in that dark room, with the light of the Lord ignited within me, I realised that this light would shine in the darkness and the darkness could not comprehend (John 1:5).........

....... He who lived in me.

For even after the darkest 3 hours of Jesus’ life when He gave up His final breath, 3 days later He rose again, allowing me to come to the perfect understanding that He had me in mind. He had you in mind.

He had us all in mind.

& yet ..... I had never paid Him the time of day.

But in His completion and excellence, in our God who called the light Day and the darkness Night (Genesis 1:5), not to mention the Spirit of God that hovered over the face of the darkest waters (Genesis 1:2) , He has and will always be able to reach me in my brightest and in my darkest times.

Captivated by His constant pursuit of me, in a love that was simply extraordinary. It was in this that I knew He was enough.

“He has and will always be able to reach me in my brightest and in my darkest times”

In all that I’d been seeking, He was enough.

I had never known rest until I found Him,

I had never known peace until I found Him,

I had never known love….. until I found Him

and it was in Him that I put my hope and trust and since that day have never known shame (Psalm 31:1/Romans 5:5).

Now despite my storytelling and rhymes, I am sure that you are an eloquent speaker in telling the chapters of your life and so I encourage you to tell it.

To tell of the marvellous things that God has done for you! To be bold in the story that has made you…you!

The you that God has set you apart to be and as you share and remember……

I bless the name of the Lord for dying for us whilst we were still sinners (Romans 5:8), for giving us a hope that comes in Christ Jesus and for believing that we were worth it.

Because if He didn’t believe in us, we could never have believed that we were worth something either.

Stay blessed family x

Bola. A vessel.

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