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by Rebecca Obrifor

Um, well hello again.

Before you say a thing, I just want you to know its not going to be the same thing I always say.

Well - that’s a lie, yes. BUT hey! I told you, this reading my heart thing needs to stop. I mean, I know I’ve made some mistakes but I’ve tried to live that “righteous” life, but I’ve crucified you again with my actions and its just too hard to try and move forward when my past is constantly pulling me back.

I mean, hellooo?? Have you seeeen my scars?! The fire that burnt me so bad that satan stands at my right hand and I’m not only his witness but his evidence.

Even if you overrule that, let me tell you about your so called church - I step in; they don’t see me but they see my stains on my garment. I run out with my head bowed down in shame - so where do I go? Home?                                              

Well hi, let me introduce you to a home where the standards are so high that I feel like I’m on a zip wire in Niagara Falls, every time I walk through my door.                

So where now?  Yeahhh - all your words are sweet to hear but how do I apply that when I’m surrounded by so much bitterness?

My Child - if you would only humble yourself and let me speak while you listen. Our greetings have become like a dream where it can last for seconds. You have been busy with your excuses while I have been here; protecting you (2 Thessalonians 3:3), covering you (Ezekiel 16:8), watching over you (Psalm 141:3). You see, I see much deeper within and yes you want me to stop only because you have disregarded my word that tells you to come to my throne with boldness (Hebrews 4:16). You see my child, I know you much more than you know yourself because I formed you and knew you even before your mother knew she was blessed with you (Jeremiah 1:5). The righteous life you are trying to impress me with is useless- because I sent my son who died for you and presented your righteousness before me (2 Corinthians 5:21). I say hello to your scars but I say goodbye to your past because I am your God who remembers your sins no more thank to the blood of my son (Isaiah 43:25). So why hide your scars from me? Am I not the great physician? I heal the broken-hearted (Psalm 147: 3) - the pain you feel I feel it too because I am within you. Listen to me my child- the fire that burned you then has been put out by my everlasting water of life that quenches not only your thirst but every desire you have (John 4:13-14). Your worried about satan why? Don’t you know that all power in heaven and on earth is in my right hand (Matthew 28:18)? Child listen to me- the church of the world is a building but I’m telling you the church is you (1 Corinthians 12:27). You are the church - and the ministry is your life. Live it for me my child for I have mine up for you (2 Corinthians 5:15). Have I not told you to not be afraid and to be bold and courageous (Joshua 1:9) - I will not allow you to be put to shame. So carry your head high my royal offspring, and know I have given you dominion over every land you step on (Joshua 1:3). Your family is not something you should worry about- because even if your mother and father forsake you I will take you up in my arms and embrace you with my love and compassion (Psalm 27: 10). My words are not something to be disregarded because heaven and earth may pass away but my words will never pass away (Matthew 24:35). Trust me the bitterness will not last very long for I am coming like a thief in the night (Revelation 16:15) and all the pain and tears will be wiped away (Revelation 21:4).

My child - rely on me, and all that I am and you will see that I am that I am.        


I love you child.

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